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In Hong Kong, the reputed home of the 24-hour suit, a visit to Sam's is a tourist must, for VIP's and vacationers alike. Hong Kong's legendary Sam's Tailor is famous world-wide for its unquestioned reputation for quality and discretion - and a clientele seemingly culled from the pages of the International Who's Who.

Few of Hong Kong's annual nine million tourists and business visitors have not heard of Sam's. Many make a beeline for its Burlington Arcade premises on Kowloon's Nathan Road (the "Golden Mile" of tat-to-terrific bargains). It's almost as obligatory as a visit one to The Peak or Aberdeen's Jumbo floating restaurant. Sam's is as much an institution in Hong Kong as Macy's in New York or Harrods in London. Its location in one of the smaller territories on earth is no bar to the patronage of kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers and widely assorted glitterati.


Recently at Sam's

Michael Chugani
Michael Chugani is a renowned Hong Kong journalist, known for his hard-hitting opinions. Alongside being a columnist at the South China Morning Post, he
Santiago Gonzalez
Santiago Gonzalez is son of Nancy Gonzalez, famous precious skin bag designer. He has collobarated creatively with his mother, but has now launched his own
Maria Ivakova
Maria Ivakova is a Russian model & TV presenter. She visited Hong Kong as part of the shopping show Heads and Tails, for whom she tirelessly seeks out
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